Out In Our Community

Mental Health Care Partnerships Supporting LGBTQ Youth in Guilford County

Learn about partnership organizations in Guilford County providing mental health services to support transgender and nonbinary youth.

Triad Health Project in 2023: Equity, Authenticity, and Care

THP Executive Director Adriana Adams shares the value of a holistic approach when establishing a culture that supports the entire community.

Condom Baskets in Guilford County

We are dedicated to connecting our community to services that help reduce the impact of STIs. Learn about five companies in Guilford who support our mission by offering free condoms at their establishments.

Help Keep Food on Every Table in Guilford County

Local organizations address food insecurity by providing free food. Learn about their work and share the message so people can access and support their services.

Honoring the Past Shapes Our Futures

The History of Zines in Social Justice Movements and our Visit at Higher Ground from a local zine expert Tristin Miller.

Stop the STIgma, Not the Music

A Triad-based DJ shares about how building community (through music and experience) can be a way to stop the STIgma experienced by community members living with HIV.

One Couple Unleashes Their Kink to Stop Sexual Health STIgma

One local couple of pups help put the unique and popular kink into perspective by celebrating community and connection.

The Power of Speaking PassionateLY to End STIgma

Triad-based spoken word artist and activist is creating spaces, events and poems that challenge stigma and expand gender perspectives.

More than a Job: Working at the Adult Store is a Chance to Change the Conversation and Combat STIgma

Three decades at the novelty store is makes for an everyday opportunity to be educator, advocate, and trusted reso for this Triad mother.

The Impact of STIgma on HIV Care

THP’s Associate Director of Care and Wellness Sheletha Ross gives voice to the challenge of STIgma in fighting HIV.

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