“HIV/AIDS Providers Are Ecstatic About North Carolina Finally Expanding Medicaid”. The Body (April, 2023)

“Miseducated: What even is PrEP?”. WFDD (March, 2023)

“STD rates on the rise in Guilford County”. ABC 45 (March, 2023)

“Top 10 Unsung Heroes of the Triad”, YES! Weekly (December, 2022)

“Dia Internacional De La Visibilidad Transgenero'” (International Transgender Day of Visibility Celebration in Partnership with FaithAction), YES! Weekly (March, 2022)

“History in the Making at Triad Health Project”, YES! Weekly (March, 2022)

“Greensboro yoga studio owner shares how to develop consistent meditation routine”. WXII 12 (February, 2022) (THP mentioned in the interview)

More coming soon.