Services for people living with HIV and their families

Our professional staff, specifically trained and experienced in the field of HIV, provides intensive, individualized case management services, as well as support, counseling and therapeutic groups to individuals and families who are learning to cope with HIV.

Today, thanks to the development of more effective treatments for HIV, our clients are living long, healthy lives, and enjoying relationships, family and careers in a way never imagined when the disease was discovered. We take a proactive role in providing the information, support, and resources necessary to help maintain the highest possible quality of life for those who are newly diagnosed, new to care, or have simply relocated to our area.

Triad Health Project ensures equality of opportunity and treatment for all clients and employees without regard to gender, race, color, religion, age, national origin, political affiliation, physical disability, sexual orientation, economic status, family status, marital, status, gender identity, or any other basis prohibited by applicable law.

LGBT Health Care Rights

Derechos del cuidado de salud para LGBTQ

Our services include:

  • Referrals to local and regional medical services
    • Regional Center for Infectious Disease
    • Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center
    • University of North Carolina Center for Infectious Diseases (Chapel Hill and High Point)
    • Duke University Health System, Division of Infectious Diseases
  • Coordination between local Providers and Clients
  • Referrals to medication assistance programs
  • Food Pantry and Nutritional Education
  • Referrals to area Social Service organizations
  • Information and Referrals to local Housing Providers
  • Referrals to local Mental Health Providers for Counseling and Assessment
  • Information and Referrals to Alcohol and Substance Abuse Resources
  • Temporary, Emergency Financial Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance to Medical Appointments
  • Referrals to Legal Services for establishment of Health Care documents and Guardianship
  • Contact with local Advocacy groups
  • Support Groups
  • Education, Art, and Exercise Programs

Contact us confidentially about our Client Services: