It may seem cliché, but to know Triad Health Project
is to love Triad Health Project!

Now, let’s get that love party started!

What is a Heart Party?

A Heart Party is a gathering of any size to raise funds in support of the ongoing mission and programming of Triad Health Project. Heart Parties are a wider take on Dining With Friends and a way to honor the legacy of Dining With Friends, in which community members would get together to dine to support our organization.

Why should I have a Heart Party?

A Heart Party is a way that you can support your community by directly supporting an organization that serves over 250 clients living with HIV in our community, and offers free STI/HIV testing to our community. It is a way to strengthen the community support around the work that Triad Health Project.

Example of Heart Parties:

  • Pay-To-Attend
  • Use a heart party to celebrate a major life event – i.e. birthdays, retirement, graduation, anniversary, something as simple as having friends over for cocktails before a show at the Tanger Center
  • Make Ask at an Event

Ideas on how to raise money for Heart Parties:

Tell your community you are fundraising

If you share with your community what their dollars can do to support those living with HIV in our community (example: using the graphic provided below), they may have a better idea of where their dollars are going.

Share on social media

Weekly or daily posting notifying your social media community you are hosting a Heart Party fundraising for it. This can help get the word out to groups of people you don’t tend to see often or can’t attend the event in-person.

Create a piece of art as a ‘thank you’ to those who donate

Offering a piece of art or a gift to those who donate to THP is a way to increase the amount of donations you receive.

Want to download our Heart Party 1-sheet to share?

Download it here.

What your support means…

Together, we celebrate wellness!

Share your time at events, in our office, or at Higher Ground and connect to the community.

Join the walk and reserve your shirt! Celebrate all year long by picking up a shirt for you and your friends!

Show your support—financial or food—to make a future free from HIV.