Honoring THP’s Present
Ron Johnson

Honoring the Present 

By Deonna Kelli Sayed, THP’s Grant Manager

The countdown to Ron Johnson Red Ribbon 2023 is here! The theme: Past. Present. Future. Honoring our past. Adapting to our present. Promising our future. We are adapting to the present in recognition of the incredible support of Ron Johnson. To support the Ron Jonson Red Ribbon this year, contact Elliot Kimball, ekimball[at]triadhealthproject.org, or donate here.

Triad Health Project’s 2023 Ron Johnson Red Ribbon Day honors World AIDS Day, which began in 1988 as a global movement to fight stigma.  You know the iconic red ribbon that represents HIV awareness? World AIDS Day adopted the symbol created by a group of New York City artists in the early 1990s. This helped launch the red ribbon as a recognized global symbol.    

THP’s annual Red Ribbon event serves as a major fundraiser. In the past, the event featured a walk to help raise funds and to create visibility about THP’s work to fight stigma around HIV and AIDS.   

Julie McKnight, THP’s Director of High Point Services, recently shared on this blog about how THP’s commemoration of this day has evolved through her time (12 years!) with the organization.  

Today, the event is named after Ron Johnson, a local lawyer whose presence has shaped THP from the very beginning. His generous support and fundraising continue to contribute to the organization’s ongoing work. As of last year, Mr. Johnson had raised $1M for HIV/AIDS. 

This year, THP is doing something new and exciting for Red Ribbon. On Friday, December 1st, THP is hosting a Red Ribbon Rave at Chemistry Nightclub with family-friendly entertainment early evening and 21+ fun later that night. The “walk” will be a march in the Greensboro Holiday Parade on Saturday, December 2nd. For the first time ever, THP is making a float!  

In the earliest days, THP existed to help those with AIDS die with dignity. Today, HIV treatment means that HIV is no longer a death sentence. THP’s mission now engages the larger landscape of sexual health and justice, including addressing populations experiencing new HIV infection rates (primarily in communities of color).  

The THP staff and board today is one of the most diverse non-profits in the Triad with representation from different races, lived experiences, gender, and sexual identities.  Also, in 2022, THP tested 1544 people for STIs and HIV. We distributed around 1700 bags of food from our pantry to clients. Our Prevention Team held education sessions, testing services, and distributed safer sex supplies at numerous events in the Triad. 

Every year, Ron Johnson generously donates and helps raise additional funds to support THP ever-evolving work. The face of HIV is changing, and challenges remain in terms of providing people with stability, treatment, food, housing, and other services. The work is made possible by donors and supporters like yourself.  

Learn more about Ron Johnson in the video and meet THP’s Outreach Coordinator Jaziah Rispress (who conducts the interview).  

You can help contribute to Red Ribbon by donating here