Together, we will end HIV.

Be Present

Your time, skills, and care are gifts. Whether you cook at Higher Ground or greet guests at one of our many events, volunteering is an important way you can help end the impact of HIV on our community.


Give to end the impact of HIV on our community. When you make a donation, you are giving thousands of people across Guilford County access to life-saving services and expert prevention.

Attend Events

Let’s take this live! Attending and supporting our special events like The Bead Bash and Dining for Friends is a great way to keep THP strong and lift up the message that we can end the impact of HIV by working together.

Follow Us

We like you! Please like us! It’s time to get a movement started that changes the conversation about HIV, reducing stigma advocating for justice. Follow us on all the channels, like our posts, and share them with friends and family.

Your Voice Can End Stigma: Be an Advocate

Whether you are living with HIV or an ally, it’s time we make sure everyone knows that we can end the impact of HIV on our community, but we need every body involved. That’s every body and every voice. Do you have a story to share? Do you have access to an audience that need to know more about sexual wellness and HIV prevention? Contact us and let’s get conversations started so that our future is free from HIV.