DECEMBER 3, 2022

This year for our annual Ron Johnson Red Ribbon Advocacy Walk, we are emphasizing community as we walk in solidarity with our friends who are living with HIV to raise awareness about the impact of sexual health resources in creating our future free from HIV.

Our day of awareness, activism & advocacy!

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to show support for the vital work of Triad Health Project. We have a fundraising goal of $200K. Can you help us get there?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Ron Johnson Red Ribbon Day, and why is it important right now?

Red Ribbon is a yearly fundraising and advocacy event Triad Health Project puts together to celebrate and continue our organization’s work. It comes from the great tradition of AIDS Walks that have been happening in the U.S. since the first one in Los Angeles in 1985.

The “red ribbon” became an international symbol for HIV and AIDS awareness in the early 90s. Our Red Ribbon Day is an opportunity for our longtime supporters, staff, board, and community to know about what we are up to and join in celebration.

Triad Health Project fills in the gaps in our community in terms of Sexual Health and Access. This is especially important now as reproductive and mutual aid services are needed in our community.

Who is Ron Johnson?

Ron Johnson is a long-time supporter of Triad Health Project’s important work in the community. By naming the walk after Ron we are honoring those who make our work possible.

What is the Fundraising Goal?

Our fundraising goal is $200,000 and we’ve hit the $81,000, meaning we’re 40% there! Can you help us get closer to our goal?

How can I donate?

Our RRD registration page has a link to make online donation easy. If you’d like to donate at the event, we will have cash-donation buckets circulating throughout the event, and we will have QR codes and a card reader ready for use. We will have some great merchandise available for suggested donations, as well! 
Note: Venmo and CashApp codes will be present, but we will not be able to issue receipts for these.

Who will be at Red Ribbon Day this year?

This year’s Red Ribbon Day is a chance to bring our community together in our shared vision and purpose for the world. We have invited local community organizations that serve our community, our staff, board members, long-time supporters, and volunteers of THP (Triad Health Project). Everyone is invited!

When and Where will Red Ribbon Day be this year?

Our RRD Event will be at LeBauer Park in Downtown Greensboro (208 N Davie St. Greensboro, NC). The event will be from 2-5pm.

Is Red Ribbon Day Family Friendly?

YES! This event has a place for you and your kids! We encourage everyone to join us to make signs and banners at the booth hosted by Reconsidered Goods. This will be fun for every age group. This event will also provide tons of educational resources and opportunities for your family!

Will there be Food at RRD?

LeBauer park is host to two outstanding food vendors: Parkside Pull-Up and Lawn Service, and we encourage you to grab a snack and enjoy our festivities. Our event will only have some light snacks and hot cocoa.

Will there be Free Testing at RRD?

Yes! We will be doing free STI & HIV testing on site from 2-4pm.

Are there bathrooms at LeBauer Park?

Yes. There will also be volunteers at the event supporting you in finding them if necessary.

What is the schedule of events for RRD?

This year we hope everyone will arrive at 2pm and we can start making Signs for our advocacy walk. Sign making will happen from 2-3pm. We will have the walk from 3-4pm, and then Brenda the Drag Queen and friends will close out the evening with a drag show and dance party.

How long is the advocacy walk and what is the Route?

The walk is 1.2 mi around Downtown Greensboro.

Do I have to walk in the Advocacy Walk?

No. We know everyone has diverse needs and abilities. Although it would be incredible to get most of us going on our walk, we know that some folks will stay at the park. Feel free to hang out and enjoy the music by DJ MaCray, and all the activities from our community sponsor booths.

What can I do for Triad Health Project if I cannot make it to this year’s RRD?

If you can’t make it to Red Ribbon Day this year but you want to support our work you can:

  • Donate to our fundraiser here
  • Share your fundraiser page with your social circles
  • Invite others you know to RRD and share our social media posts about it
  • Sign up to volunteer at THP in the future
  • Organize a Food Drive for our clients experiencing food insecurity

There’s so much we can do together!

Share your time at events, in our office, or at Higher Ground and connect to the community.

Join the walk and reserve your shirt! Celebrate all year long by picking up a shirt for you and your friends!

Show your support—financial or food—to make a future free from HIV.