All are welcome here.

I was enchanted. Years ago at Higher Ground, a young child of about five was trying to make sense of the space her mother visited most days. There were a lot of people and they didn’t look anything alike but they hugged, laughed, sang, prayed and ate together like some kind of family reunion. Plus, people just came and went and wandered and raided the fridge and there was a dog that didn’t seem to belong to anybody. Finally, sitting in the living room after the meal, the little girl put her foot down.“Whose house is this!?”she demanded.

Her mother smiled. “It’s everybody’s house,” she said.

Her daughter smiled, too, but still looked as confused as most of the world over spaces of such radical welcome. Imagine again a home (imagine offices!) where belonging comes hand-in-hand with breathing; where All Are Welcome really does mean None Are Excluded; where the “us” is so wildly inclusive there is never a need for a “them.”

Such commitments are crucial to realizing the world we envision and work toward daily – one where HIV and the unjust stigma and systems that fuel its spread are no more. Of course, the fact is that all people are not merely welcome – all are necessary; and this means bringing the whole of ourselves to the table: thought, word, deed… and (you know what’s coming) finances. Hate and fear have always fueled HIV; your gifts fuel the response.

For your companionship over another year of trial and hope, thank you. For the belonging you will extend over the months and years ahead, bless you.

With all gratitude and blessings,

Mark Cassity
Executive Director


In 2021, we not only kept all our communities connected to care, we stayed connected through prevention, support + celebration.

people tested

were tested
for an STI.
people on PrEP

with visits, lab fees, and medication costs covered

served at Higher Ground Day Center.
of clients in care

for health services to address HIV.
of clients
are undetectable

(viral load of <200)
bags of groceries

provided to community members all year.

Summer Event Series

This summer we gathered for Coffee, Condoms, and Conversations—5 bold events to bring our community together to discuss sex, equity, HIV, and stigma over coffee! These events help us learn from one another and introduced many new folks to the beauty of our Higher Ground Day Center.

Watch Mark Cassity, THP’s Executive Director perform “Bob’s Story” from our original event HIV Monologues, which premiered at our summer event series.

Prevention + Education

In order to see a Future Free From HIV, our Prevention work must be a central part of the mission of THP. This year we launched a brand new PrEP Initiative that, through a partnership with QCare+, provides access to life-saving preventative medication to people all across North Carolina.

Join PrEP Project Manager Mattie Connor and PrEP Advocate Julia Meyarzum to learn about why this method of HIV prevention is part of THP’s work in ending the epidemic.

Red Ribbon Week

Fundraising during a pandemic can be called many things, but easy is not one of them! Many orgs have chosen to go virtual for all their events, but not THP! Instead, we got creative, chose partnership, and planned a week of events. raising close to $200,000!

Hear Adriana Adams, THP’s Associate Director, share how you can join with other community members in 2022 for future free from HIV.

Our future…

Triad Health Project is a community that joins together to support, to heal, and to celebrate life. Your attention and consideration make a future free from HIV possible with every action you take.

…is together.

Here’s what you can do right now.

Share your time at events, in our office, or at Higher Ground and connect to the community.

End Stigma

Raise your voice when people living with HIV are excluded or insulted—your words have power!

Show your support—financial or food—to make a future free from HIV.