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Open Letter Regarding The American Response to the Coronavirus

To Triad Health Project, or THP, it comes as no surprise that the outbreak of the Coronavirus is running parallel to an emerging outbreak of fear, misinformation, stigma and loathing. In our world of HIV care, this echoes not only a devastatingly painful past but also the ongoing injustices that continue to walk hand-in-hand with an HIV diagnosis or, often, the mere mention of HIV itself.

Regardless of your political leanings, it is clear that the Coronavirus is most dangerous to individuals with compromised immune systems, which of course includes the people THP seeks to serve. We are concerned and watchful over the appointment of Mike Pence to lead the U.S. response to the crisis. In the history of the HIV epidemic, Pence’s home state, Indiana, is an example of willful inaction in the face of overwhelming evidence of crisis. In a time calling for action, Pence’s sole recommendation as Governor of Indiana—to turn to prayer—was heard as a compassionless disregard by those suffering and those who loved them.

THP partners with various faith groups in Guilford County and, in fact, has a communal space in Greensboro that was born within (and continues to rely upon) the heart of the faith community. Prayer, light, reflection and radical inclusion have always been part of our DNA – but this must be coupled with a fierce devotion to action.

THP wants to assure our clients and their families that we are vigilantly tracking the spread of the Coronavirus and taking internal measures to ensure their well-being. To the community at large, we ask for your assistance in our efforts. Where fear would seek to further divide us, let it instead drive us deeper into the places where need lives. Our organization will put your desire to give and serve those most at risk to good use in the coming days and for as long as this crisis persists.

Love and Light,
Mark Cassity, Executive Director