Inclusion refers to internal practices, policies, and processes that shape an organization or community’s culture. It speaks to how community members of a shared identity experience their environment and that their input is valued by the whole. Inclusion benefits existing populations represented within an organization or community. Source: Adapted from The Greenlining Institute and Equity and Inclusion Campaign, The Diversity Project


Belonging is the innate human desire to be a part of something larger than ourselves. Belonging is achieved when we accept and are accepted for our true, authentic and imperfect selves. Belonging happens when we offer one another a sense of security and support that comes from acceptance and inclusion. Source: Adapted from The Gifts of Imperfection, Brene Brown and Cornell University Diversity and Inclusion Institute

Listen to this year’s original theme song “All Are Welcome Here”
from musical storyteller Eric Bannan

Eric Bannan is a storyteller, performing songwriter, daredevil improvisor, husband, father, US Coast Guard rescue flight crew veteran, back country adventure racer and cancer survivor. Learn more about his music here.

Throughout November, Triad Health Project joins with Greensboro Parks and Recreation to educate the community about THP’s resources, stigma surrounding access to healthcare, and the importance of creating an inclusive community where All Are Welcome!

6 Days, a City of Parks, and Endless Ways to Connect!

Monday • Nov 29 • 8pm

Virtual Kick-off!

Join us for a fun-filled, 80's themed night where we'll flash-back to the year of our founding, 1986, with shoulder pads and big hair galore! You'll learn more about agency, the things we've been up to in 2021, how you can support, and watch us give way awards to some of our wonderful volunteers and supporters.

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Tuesday • Nov 30 • 6am and 7am (two sessions!)

Yoga for a Cause

Start your morning with a warm, energizing yoga and mindfulness session from Ahava Collective. Their compassionate, inclusive, and supportive community is a safe space for people of all backgrounds and experiences. Participants need only bring themselves! Mats will be provided. Attendance also enters you into raffles for $50 gift cards to Athleta as well as a bundle of yoga gear!

Learn more and RSVP here.

Tuesday • Nov 30 • 3:30pm-4:30pm @ Gateway Gardens

Drag Queen Tea Party and Book Giveaway

Join Brenda the Drag Queen for story time and a spot of tea after school! Come out with your kiddos and enjoy this beautiful park, receive a free book from THP, and donate what you can to our cause! Don't forget to bring a friend!

Learn more and RSVP here.

Wednesday • Dec 1 • 11am-2pm @ Sternberger Park

World AIDS Day Celebration and Cook Out

Come join us at Triad Health Project's Greensboro office neighborhood park for memorial and celebration on World AIDS Day. We'll enjoy laughter, games, food, and some Jingle Jams played by musician William Nesmith. This event is free, but donations will be accepted, and onsite registration for 5Ks and fundraising teams will be available!

Thursday • Dec 2 • 11am-2pm @ Keeley Park

Inclusive Walk

Walk, stroll, roll...come one, come all for our first ever all-inclusive walk held at Keeley Park. Keeley boasts an innovative space that was specifically built for all in our community to enjoy regardless of their mobility needs. We are inviting communities of varying abilities and mobility statuses to register and join us as we celebrate our HIV community which often includes those using walkers, wheelchairs, canes, and other mobility aides. Staff will be there with water and smiles to cheer you on! Make sure to register for this event specifically so we know you are coming!

Friday • Dec 3 • 11am-2pm @ Country Park (3802 Jaycee Park Dr entrance)

For Real 5K

Serious about walking or running? Have a team of friends that wants to join you? Friday is your day to meet us at Country Park and get your walk, jog, or run on! We'll have staff there for three different time slots- 6am-8am, 12pm-2pm, and 3:30pm-5:30pm. Meet us at Shelter #7 to sign in and grab some water, or if you want to be timed! Make sure to register for a specific time slot so we know when you are coming. We'll see you there!

Friday • Dec 3 • 8pm @ Triad Stage (Live and Virtual!)

The Poetry Cafe and Triad Health Project Present: All Are Welcome?

A Showcase of Inclusion, Belonging, and Community

Get tickets here.

Saturday • Dec 4 • 12pm-4pm @ The Bicentennial Garden

The Wrap Party

We'll gather to walk, celebrate, sing, and enjoy one another as we do some final fundraising and hear incredible music from Lyn Koonce! Join us for a unique Circle Sing celebration, as we express our joy over a successful week of fundraising and reaching our goal of $250,000 raised!

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Tips for Fostering Communities of Inclusion and Belonging

1. Be Intentional

Unless we consciously make Inclusion and Belonging priorities, exclusion can occur by accident. Even unintentional cues can undermine people’s sense of belonging. Now and again, check in and ask yourself or your community, “Am I (Are We) making others feel they belong where we are?”

2. Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Inclusion and Belonging means vulnerably sharing our authentic selves and being open to others doing the same. If we are truly doing this with diverse groups in an inclusive way, we will be uncomfortable sometimes! Be open to unlearning your individual biases, pausing to consider new ideas from others, and recognize that discomfort is part of the process.

3. Relationships are Key

Bringing people together to build bonds, interact, and break down perceived barriers of distrust is a key component to combat stigma and promote Inclusion and Belonging in communities. Providing opportunities for proximity and personal interactions that might not have otherwise occurred allows for individuals to form favorable views towards people with whom they might have previously stereotyped unfavorably.

4. Diversity isn’t Enough

Diversity is a key component of Inclusion and Belonging, but be careful not to see it as the final goal rather than the beginning of the journey. Having a diverse representation of different groups matters, but only if their voices are actually heard and are empowered to have an impact on the community or space they are in. It isn’t enough to listen to other voices, diverse perspectives must be placed in positions of power in order to impact actual decision-making.

5. Be Transparent

Belonging and Inclusion can’t happen in the dark. Bringing our Equity efforts into the open, both our successes and, most importantly, our FAILURES, is key to success. Set clear goals for yourself or your community, and be honest when you succeed or when you fail. By doing so, we build empathy, trust, and vulnerability on our journey, and even in our failures, can continue to grow a sense of Inclusion and Belonging.

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